Lead Gen & Marketing: Book

Daniel Hall recently approached me to contribute to his upcoming book called: “The Crowdsourced Guide to Business”. The book will be available in print and as an ebook.   According to Daniel: “It [the book] will include sections on 15 different areas such as general business advice, business plans, funding, marketing and so on. The intention is for the guide to become a bible for those...

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Cisco to Sell Linksys

Cisco to dump failed Linksys unit, say rumor-mongers | Computerworld Blogs. For many years Cisco has tried to be successful in the consumer and small business market. They’re direct sales force and channel focus on organizations that have complex networking and communications requirements because that’s where the margins are. We’re not surprised that Cisco is dumping Linksys....

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Interview with Sekey Vincent, Co-founder Jelly Bean Solutions Sekey Vincent is the co-founder of Jelly Bean Solutions. Jelly Bean Solutions offers interactive web marketing and ecommerce solutions. Sekey is a member of Silicon Halton a grass roots hi-tech community co-founded by Chris Herbert of Mi6. What we covered in the interview Why the name Jelly Bean Solutions? Sekey talks about what Jelly...

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