7 Question Series

What do investors look for in a Start Up?  How can you best prepare to seek investment?

This 7 Question Series ebook is an investigative content series where we sought out investment leaders in a specific industry and/or subject matter area and asked them the 7 key questions that investment seeking businesses need to know.

  • When would it be appropriate for a startup to seek investment from you?

  • What’s more important: the idea, the team or both?

  • Does a startup really have only one shot?

  • Are you investing in Canadian startups?

This ebook establishes the most important issues to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors from around the globe when considering an opportunity with technology startups and their appetite for investing in Canadian startups in particular.

The 7 Questions Series gives you a starting point into understanding the private capital world.  It provides valuable insights into that world and the preferences, styles and risk profiles of a representative sample of private capital investors.  Spending some time studying the 7 questions and answers will give you a leg up in your funding journey.

– Philip Neukom, Founder & Managing Director, Profit Analytics Inc.

7 Questions Series eBook

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