Content Marketing and Social Selling are Key

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Content Marketing and Social Selling are Key

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Some of the better reads we encountered this week. We’ve run a hi-liter through each post/article to emphasize what jumped out at us when reading them. We call these our Fave Five Posts.

In 2012 we will focus on: technology trends, community and network development, crowdsourcing & B2B marketing. If you have ideas on how we can provide more and better value to you in sharing these posts let us know below.

Our Favourite Posts for Week of Feb 20, 2012

A mixture of articles and posts caught our eye last week with the common themes being content, social selling and relationship development. Enjoy!

1) Connected Devices Become Key to Content Consumption | Source: eMarketer
The radid adoption of Smartphones and Tablets and internet connected TVs in the US continues. Content developers need to think about making their existing and future content available cross screen. While HTML5 will help make this possible we believe native apps should be the preferred development choice.

Disclosure: Mi6’s client Mobile makes it possible for marketers to deploy native smartphone mobile apps on the fly for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones. Learn more about Mobile.

2) Social Media Key Influencer in Multi-Exposure Purchase Path | Source: eMarketer
B2B marketers need to know how consumers are making purchases online because these habits can cross over to B2B buying behaviour. Just as the consumerization of technology is influencing corporate technology purchasing (i.e. using your iPhone for work) so is the way they research and decide to make purchasing decisions not just for themselves but for their companies.

3) Solution Selling is Dead | Source: CBS News
Is Solution Selling really passé? There is no doubt that the term “solution” is overused and misused by us marketers. But, we figure people are looking for results, answers and yes solutions to problems they are facing in their business, department and career.

4) Increasing attraction through content marketing | Source: Social Marketing & Technology
Good post on five key things to factor and think about when creating content. This is important because as more of us jump on the “content is king” bandwagon the competition for peoples time to read/consume our content will increase.

5) Social Relationship Management…Is in Your Future | Source: Forbes
A brief interview of Jon Ferrara, CEO and Founder of Nimble. Nimble is a social CRM system offered in the cloud. Social media is making is more possible to make online social connections with customers, prospects, partners and influencers. But, before you connect or converse with someone via social media be sure to make it worth their while.

Disclosure: Mi6 is a Nimble partner and using it since it was in private beta. If you are interested in learning how to use Nimble to socially engage and build your business network contact us. Register to try the Personal version here or the Business version here. Free free to read more about Nimble.
Chris Herbert is the founder of Mi6. Mi6 creates B2B social networks & communities that build reputations, generate results and make markets. He is the founder of ProductCamp Toronto and the Hi-tech community Silicon Halton. He tweets under the handle @B2Bspecialist.

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