B2B Integrated Marketing

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B2B Integrated Marketing

A Twitter Q&A with B2B Marketing Professionals

Every Thursday night a bunch of really smart B2B marketers get together on Twitter to listen, learn, engage and chat on a specific topic. The best way to experience this is to participate live every Thursday from 8 to 9pm Eastern Timezone. You can follow along here and they also have a Linkedin group as well.

But, in case you miss one the folks at B2B Marketing Asia, have curated some of the chats using Storify. Thanks for doing this! So, let’s see what they had to say about B2B Integrated Marketing! Feel free to add to the conversation by posting a comment below.

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Chris Herbert is the founder of Mi6. Mi6 is a B2B (Business to Business) marketing and business development agency dedicated to helping companies build their brands and develop commercial relationships. He is the founder of ProductCamp Toronto and the Hi-tech community Silicon Halton. He tweets under the handle @B2Bspecialist.

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